Enabling the Disabled

I’m impressed by the way the governments in Europe and UK treat people with disability. Totally impressed.

In Indonesia, i always pity those who use a wheelchair. Because they look so fragile and they seem like very dependent to other people. My grandma use a wheelchair and i definitely find some difficulties when taking her outside the house, either to the mall, supermarket, or a wedding hall.

In Europe and UK, people with disability are treated very nicely. They have all accesses to go anywhere they want to. Even in some cities in the UK, people with disability do not have to pay the transportation cost when they are traveling by bus (i’m not sure about train and airplane tho). The bus is very disabled-friendly. The bus driver can lower the bus height (the same height as the pavement) so the disabled can enter the bus. The bus also has a special space for a wheelchair.

Moreover, truth to be told, i have never seen any people with disability in Dufan. Maybe yes in Taman Safari or Taman Mini but not in a theme park like Dufan. But i saw many people with disability in Disneyland Paris. They played the ride. They had a special access card that makes them didn’t have to wait in the line. When the parade started, Disneyland had prepared a space for the disabled. they can enjoy the parade without any difficulty.

One last thing. There are special dogs that are specially trained to accompany the blind. It’s a special dog because it wears a green dog-shirt. The dog will lead the blind to go anywhere.

Aren’t those facts amazing? I wish the government can do such things in Indonesia, someday. Because people with disability may have a great super talent but sadly, they have to bury the talent because their movements are confined. It’s also a loss for the country, isn’t it? And above all, people with disability have the same rights as healthy people.


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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