I’ve been to York twice. First time i went there was with my family and the second one with my friends in uni. York is indeed a beautiful city, the one you’ll never get enough of. It is situated in the north of England, just after Leeds if you go there from the south. Traveling within York, most of the tourist attractions can be reached by walking. Come, read this post till the end, i’ll show you around 🙂

Railway Museum

Five minutes walk from the York train station, you can enter the Railway Museum for free. It’s a big museum with lots of train locomotives, even one of the exhibition room is designed like a train station. It has great spots to take a picture, so if you’re not that museum-type of person you can just take pictures all around the museum. Once in a while, the museum also offers a demonstration of train machine. Probably an interesting experience for a mechanical engineer.


York City Walls

I already told you that you can go around York by walking and one thing you shouldn’t miss while walking in York is to walk on the York City Walls. It’s not something fancy like the Great Wall of China, but it’s nice to know. You can see the city from a higher level of surface. The wall pretty much surrounds the whole city area. But if you want to walk around and see some local shops, it’s better to walk in the pedestrians as there are only several gates to enter and get out from the wall.


Clifford’s Tower

This is one of the icons of York. A tower located in a small hill, which is formerly a part of York Castle. If you want to enter the tower, you have to pay £5. I didn’t get in but of course i took a picture from the outside.


York Castle Museum

Located just across the Clifford’s Tower, a huge museum called Castle Museum is a must visit place! The admission fee is quite expensive (£10) but trust me it’s worth it. A very well-managed museum with interesting exhibitions. They are basically the history of York, but the museum recreated the whole old city inside a building. You can see how the shops, bedrooms, school, and even jail look like in the past.

On my way from York Castle Museum to the next place that i visited (York Minster), i passed through the authentic York’s small road full of shops. It’s just like being in Diagon Alley. I also passed York Viking Museum (Jorvik Viking Centre) and York Chocolate Story.


York Minster

York Minster is a famous cathedral in York, also known as St Peter’s Cathedral. I met a local on the train to York and he really recommend my friends an I to enter the cathedral and go to the tower. However, due to a limited time and also because it’s expensive to go inside, we just walked around it. The architecture of the cathedral is pretty similar to Notre Dame in France, it has several Gargoyle statues (which actually there to convey water from the roof, preventing it from running down the walls although there is also a legend that the Gargoyle is there to scare evil spirits). Even though I’m a Muslim, i always admire the architecture of cathedral and other religion’s prayer building. They all were built so beautifully.


St Mary’s Abbey

A huge garden for people to chillax (chill and relax). Lucky me, i went there when it was so sunny. I embraced the sunlight, and sun is also good for taking pictures! The abbey is already ruined now, but still it’s beautiful with a lake on its side (or is it a river?).


Betty’s Cafe Tea Room

This tea place is so popular and i suggest you to reserve a place (if possible?) or be there early because it has a very long queue. My friends and I finally ended up in a local small cafe which serves the best hot chocolate ferrero rocher (I didn’t order this one but my friends said it was sooo good).

I also bought some hot pastries in a bakery near Betty’s (too bad i forgot the name) but it was so delicious with pretty good deal: 2 for £2.

York’s Designer Outlet

If you have plenty of time in York (and also not on a tight budget), do have a visit to York’s Designer Outlet and get the best price for your favorite brands! You have to take a bus to get to the outlet right from the train station. If you’re lucky, you can get a lot of stuffs with a lot less money spent 😀


There you go, would you fancy a visit to York? Well, you should. Have a nice stroll!


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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