Fast Forward Friday

I know people are more familiar with throwback Thursday, where they post an old picture of them in Instagram or Path or even Facebook. It’s impossible to post a picture of fast forward Friday, of course. The future is a mystery none of us can figure out before the time comes.

But let’s imagine we can ask about the future, what would we want to know? Our spouse? Our career? Our friends that stay until the end?

Or do we not want to know anything at all?

If I know what will happen to me two or three years from now, i might be scared. Or I might feel lazy, or not enthusiastic anymore about this life because what will happen to me is not something I find favorable. If I can see the future, how I currently live my life will change dramatically.

Sometimes I do want to know the outcome of something. For example, when studying for an exam, I often wonder if this much of effort will result in a good mark or not. Or when I have to decide on something, how do I decide if i know nothing of what will be when I choose one option instead of the other? But then life would be different if i know what has been waiting for me in the future.

I believe there is a wise reason why the future is kept hidden from human to see. Isn’t life itself is a box of surprises? Forest Gump’s mother said, life is a like a box of chocolate; you never know what you’re gonna get.


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia



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