About last week my Facebook timeline was flooded with articles about the statement of Nokia’s CEO when the company is being acquired by Microsoft. He said that the company did not do anything wrong but somehow they lost.
There are some lessons that people tried to infer from the speech. 
I look at it in a quite different way, not related to business nor competition. In fact, the way i see it is quite related to Adele’s song: when we were young.
The idea is that sometimes we don’t do anything wrong. We’re just being who we are. But then our life becomes so different we starts to feel like a stranger in our life.
The friends whom you used to talk to for hours on the phone, now you seem to have no idea what to talk to them.

The jokes you used to share with other people, now it’s not funny anymore.

The chemistry you have with someone, suddenly gone.

The people who always got your back, now you can barely see them.

And the list goes on and on
And on.
We don’t do anything wrong. Life just move in a different pace or even to a different direction. We grow and things change. People grow and they change too. 
And then everything changes.

We deserve a slap on the face. Take a deep breath and accept the situation. We need to keep the ball rolling.
❤️ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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