Why don’t we all use this moment to be grateful for all our promises that we have fulfilled? Because a promise is a huge responsibility. In Islam, our promise is one of the things that will be asked in the hereafter. It’s obligatory to keep and fulfill a promise. Therefore, i believe that it makes sense that we have to be grateful when we are able to keep our promise (either to God, to ourselves, or to other people).

Because some people just can’t fulfill their promise. Like a best friend who forget a promise. Or like how a deal between supplier and manufacturer is abandoned. Like how parents can’t give what they promise to their kids. Like a lover who betrays the vow. Like leaders who can’t successfully deliver the promise they made to their people.

There are just too many promises unfulfilled.

And on the other hand, let’s also be grateful for people who keep their promises to us.

Thank you.


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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