For the 23rd times

I definitely should live this motto for the rest of my life: keep calm, you’re just getting older. I used to get super very extremely genuinely excited on my birthday, till I realise that it’s actually just another day in which I’m getting older (from the perspective of time, cause yeah, I’ll be forever young as a soul). Not being excited doesn’t mean I can’t have fun tho. And especially this year, I feel profoundly remarkably wonderfully grateful on my birthday.

First thing first, I woke up in Manchester at turned 23 this morning. I know it’s not a condition that everyone can experience. And during last year, when I was 22, Manchester had taught me a lot about this life. Things that I clearly wouldn’t learn if i stay in my comfort zone (read: Jakarta). Besides, I keep ticking the box on my ‘for the first time in forever’ list when I’m here. I thought I would be a study-holic kind of person but I turn out to be the one who kind of put everything on her plate. My life in Manchester is undeniably beyond what I dared to imagine. On the plus side, I got birthday greetings from people who come from all over the world, well at least almost all over the world. I find it pretty amazing, perhaps this is the only year in my life I was given such experience.

Second thing, it’s raining outside when i write this article. With a bit of a lightning and thunder. The weather is just so familiar these days. The temperature rose to above 25 degree celcius (yes, please do imagine this). I sleep with a window slightly open and I don’t use hot water anymore when I take a shower. It is burning hot I must say, yet lovely.

Third thing, it happens to be in Ramadan month. It’s another Ramadan without the ambience of Ramadan, and definitely no Teh Botol Sosro, for me. I think, this is the very first time I celebrate my birthday during the Holy month. As it’s a special month, where God forgives and gives mercy more than any other months, I hope that all wishes thrown upon me are granted (so, thank you all for the kind wishes, I really do appreciate it) 🙂

I’m beyond grateful for everything (literally every single thing) as I come to realise that there are reasons behind all the conditions and circumstances in this life. Being 22 was… hard and fantastic. I went to live abroad by my own for the very first time, I started my postgraduate study, I became independent (God knows how much I was a spoiled brat before this), I traveled a lot, I kind of pushed myself to its limit, I lost a best friend -a very good one-, I met more best friends on the way, and (well, I don’t want to look too religious, but I gotta say this tho because this is a very important milestone) I found this intimate relationship with God and I hope it stays like this forever -or even better-.

Some people perceive getting older as something annoying with their “oh I don’t want to get old”. No, I’m not there yet and hopefully never. To be honest, I’m actually look forward to my future. I’m so curious about what’s going to happen next.

Yeah, I’m so ready. With Allah beside me, I become an unstoppable force.

So, bring it on, 23!


ps: I sincerely thank you guys for all the kind wishes. You made my day!


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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