Rule of Happiness

Most people said that happiness is something we, ourselves, create. It has nothing to do with other people. At some points, I have to agree. We should not allow anyone makes us feel unhappy. Yet, other people do have the capacity to contribute some happiness into our life.

What even unique and interesting about this, is that other people sometimes do not need to do anything in order to make us happy. Most of the time, it is us who have to do something to trigger the happiness coming from our surroundings. It’s actually a very simple thing we all have been taught about since we’re kids. We get what we give.

I have been through quite lot of journeys to acknowledge the warm feeling I suddenly felt after giving somebody a helpful hand. Even only holding the door for someone else. That someone’s sparkly eyes when saying a sincere thank you, doesn’t it make your heart feel at peace?

When we do something kind, it will go back to us. Not that we should expect something in return. It’s not about that at all.We know the deal already, if we’re being very kind to others, it doesn’t necessarily mean that others will be very kind to us too. And it’s none of our business, how people treat us. Only how we treat others matters.

So it’s about knowing that our act of kindness will make us truly happy. More than when we buy the thing we want the most or when we travel to a place we’ve been longing for years. Because it brings a warm, peaceful feeling in our heart, too.

Kindness never fails, it’s never wrong. We should do more and more kindness, in order to feel happiness all around us.



♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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