Chain of Goodness

I know it’s nearly the end of February already yet I just wrapped up my 2017 resolution. I’m a person who take new year resolution quite seriously. It is something that directs how we’re going to spend the year. It becomes sort of like KPI, with which we evaluate how we’ve lived.

I like to keep my resolution simple and realistic. Otherwise I’ll be overwhelmed. Last year I had 5 points with “do not ever hesitate in doing good deeds” as the most important one. The one I stick through. The one that significantly changed how I live. And (hopefully) by the time I write this, it has become my habit so I don’t have to put it again in this year’s resolution.

The highlight of my 2017 resolution is “do not break the chain”. Pretty often we have a long list of things we should do as a resolution, be it exercise daily, control sugar intake, read books, smile, pray more often, etc. Pretty often too, we only stick to that list for so long that we abandon it half way through the year. So, the most important thing is actually to never break the chain of good things we do everyday. I’m a firm believer of the 21 days rule. Once we do something in 21 days consecutively, it becomes our habit. And in fact, 3 weeks isn’t such a long time.

Ever since we’re kids, we are told that our present is a cumulative of things we do in the past. Isn’t that also being taught by the religion? That God loves something that is being done continuously. Sooner or later, by sticking to the good habits, we’ll reach where we want to be. Even more, we also gain the self-discipline trait and learn about patience and perseverance.

I obviously have the long list of resolutions but above all, this year I shall never break the chain of goodness.

And you should, too. Cheers!


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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