Some Things are Better Kept as Memories

Everything in our life will eventually comes to an end. Either it ends while we’re still living or it ends together as our souls are taken away from this world.

But God is kind. He gave each one of us a brain, in which there is a part called cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is in charge for our memories. Be it the thing we learn in high school, sad moments in our childhood, and the happiest moment of our lives. Thanks but no thanks to brain, we are able to recall our memories. I haven’t gone into so much depth that I can explain how our brains can recall something we avoid to remember the most. Yet we all know that sometimes, our brains remind us about bad moments in our lives without our consent.

On the contrary, does remembering good moments make us happy? I’d say yes to the degree of 80%. The rest 20%, I feel a great longing that I want to repeat the memory. For example, I want to go back to Manchester so much every time I see a picture of  the city. I could feel the heat of the sun combined by a cold wind as I walk through the Oxford Road. As if I was there physically. And that leaves me with a great desire re-visit Manchester.

However, things are not the same anymore. Manchester that I remember in my memory is not the same Manchester as it is now.

Manchester in my memory is full of my friends. Full of our laughter, our silly discussion in a café, our sleepless nights at the library, our argument about in the classroom, etc. Manchester in my memory is full of familiar faces. The cashier at Lidl, the waitress in an Indian restaurant, the cleaner in my dorm, etc. Yet they’re gone now. There aren’t any of my classmates (except those who are doing their PhD), the cashier at Lidl might have moved to another chain of Lidl, and the cleaner might have cleaned another dorm.

If I do re-visit Manchester now, will the previous memory of Manchester being replaced by the new one? I can’t tell. But I don’t want it to be replaced. I want it to be permanently stored in my brain, which I then can recall anytime I like. Just as it is permanently has a place in my heart.

So I think, whether it is good or bad, some things are better kept as memories. If it’s bad, well, we know it’s just a memory and it had happened in the past. If it’s good, I’m pretty sure it will brighten up our day 🙂


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia



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