In the morning I woke up, realizing that I’m not 23 anymore. I have, again, survived another year in life. I woke up healthy, on an overly comfortable bed. I sat in the dining table with my parents for breakfast, and they both are healthy too. Everyday, we live well off.

I just started this new routine of watching short Islamic lecture on YouTube every morning. I hope this routine could lasts forever, not merely a seasonal habit. For I need to make a better use of my smartphone and social media. When I was checking my phone, I read several chats from my friends. I knew I got a lot of good friends and even better inner circles. Another thing that I treasure the most in life.

I took a shower and ordered an online motorcycle taxi to pick me up to work. I have been following the same route for the past 5 months. To me, being posted in Pondok Indah is such a blessing. Almost no traffic jam in the morning and the street congestion at night is still somewhat manageable (though sometimes not…).

In the office, I am surrounded by smart people, supportive bosses, and very fun team mates. Sure, there are people I do not get along very well with. And sometimes the job gets very tricky. But overall, going to work everyday and staying there for 8 hours (or more) are pleasurable for me. I realize things will change, sooner or later, but I have pledged to myself that I won’t settle for comfort. So, I kind of (like… 70%?) look forward to whatever journey this job is going to take me to.

I went home, tired. Along the way from my office to my house, I enjoy a dazzling view of city lights. At home, a range of food is available on the dining table. So I ate right away. I cleaned up myself before going to bed and shut the light off. I like to sleep in a total darkness and have a deep sleep till the morning comes.

That is how my day goes. A wonderful day, which makes me always feel truly blessed. Perfect? Surely not. My mood swings once in a while, someone annoys and irritates me sometimes, I make mistakes in my job, I feel lazy and bored, and so on. And that’s just how life supposed to be. Bitter and sweet. Up and down. Exciting and dull. What goes around comes around, simply. However, never a day we can skip being grateful and showing our gratitude. All Praise due to Allah Swt…..

I thank God for getting old (or else i’ll be dead by now). I thank God for every responsibility He has entrusted me. I thank God for the life I’m living, for all the people in my life, those who left, and especially those who stay and stick around, for the person He has made me become. Thank You for being here for me all the time, for never letting me down.

*make a wish…*


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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