Most of love is gone

Between what is said but not meant and what is meant but not said most of love is gone

It’s a quote by Kahlil Gibran. I believe the quote is rather accurate. Depict, almost perfectly, the cause of many problems between human beings. Haven’t got the idea just yet? Let me elaborate.

What is said but not meant

How often do we hurt other people by saying something we didn’t really mean to say? Or how often do we get hurt because someone is saying something that he or she doesn’t really mean? Sometimes we speak without concerning how people will feel about what we’re saying. Another case is when we’re angry and we don’t really think about our choice of words. We just let it slip from our tongue.

Inevitably it creates problems between humans. Lovers become strangers, friendships are broken apart, or simply just a beginning of cold war. Here, we realize, that most of love is gone.

What is meant but not said

We’re afraid of the uncertainty. We’re not that brave to take the risk and cross the bridge. Therefore we stay silent. A boy likes a girl but stay quite. The possibility of them becomes a lover turns zero. A girl misses a boy but never try to call first. The girl never knew if the boy actually feels the same. A child wants to apologize to their parents but never been able to speak up. They stay distant forever. Best friends want to stick around but say nothing and now they are apart. Again, we realize, that most of love is gone.

Don’t you feel those are actually familiar to the current state of living? I do.

But i hope we always say only good things, and once we have to say bad things we can still deliver it beautifully. And i hope we all have the courage to say what we need to say. As John Mayer put it, it’s better to say to much than never to say what you need to say.. Thus we keep love from falling apart. Cheers 🙂

❤️, Atiqah Zulfa Nadia