The Story of the Moon

Have you been paying attention to the moon lately? It’s just.. enchanting. It’s perfect round, bright, and huge. I don’t remember I have ever seen a moon that big in my whole life. Although beautiful, the moon actually got a pretty sad story. My astronomy-genius friend told me the story and I’m here to tell you.

The moon is a round object in the galaxy. Unlike stars, the moon does not have any light. It relies highly upon the sun, what we know as one of the biggest stars. The light of the sun is reflected to the moon. That’s how we, people on the earth, are able to see the moon. However, the moon needs to wait until the sun sets in order to be seen by all creatures on the earth. Or else, the brightness of the sun will outshine the reflection of light on the moon.

So the moon depends so much on the sun.. while the sun is rather independent. It’s somehow sad. Without the sun, the moon will not shine at all. But if it gets too close to the sun, it will be invisible for the eyes to see.

It’s like.. you have this one person. One person that encourages you to become a better person, who makes you want to be the best version of yourself. Yet, you have to keep a distance from that person. Because being too close is not good for you.

All you can do is being grateful for that person from afar. And the light that the person left you, will everglow…


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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