More Than We Ask For

I was not expecting my first weeks in Manchester to run so smoothly when I prayed to God for easiness in my solo journey. It turned out that the experience has taught me a lot of lessons. From which I became a better person. School went very well and life was full of adventures. It all happened, as if I’ve begged God for it. Yet all I asked was easiness.

When I prayed to God so that I become a stronger person who forgives other people easily, never in my mind I imagined myself to actually wish the people a happy and wonderful life. And I realize that sincerely wishing a happiness for other people actually help ourselves being happy and satisfied.

When I came back home from Manchester to Jakarta, I wished to build a brand new life. What I have now is an amazing life, surrounded by people I love. And it keeps on progressing. It changes me, little by little, and it has a huge force that encourages me to live better.

I asked God for a decent job after graduating from my postgraduate study. Not only I get a job, I get myself best friends too. With whom I discuss a lot of things during lunch or our 4 o’clock escape. Not to mention that I actually like the job too. My prayer was actually very simple. A job. Without any further details. Yet I gained so much more than that.

He always gives more than what we asked for. He generously gives an extra to whatever we wish for. He meticulously calculates the complimentary for our needs. He saves us from the risks we overlooked. And he provides things we forget -or do not ever think of- to ask.

He, Himself, is the One who told us to pray, to ask, to beg for anything we wish. It’s not always immediate, how He answer the prayer. But He always answers. And He answers with more than we have ever asked. Imagine ourselves praying every night and day, the prayers accumulate in heaven, how much more would He gives us once it’s finally answered? How extra special would the answer be?

It’s going to be much, much, much, more than we have ever asked for, I believe. Oh, and do not forget the prize for those who are patience 🙂

❤️, Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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