Thoughts on Finding the One Part II

During lunch time, my colleagues and I talked about something a little bit different than usual, as we normally have the kind of conversation during dinner – once we have it together. Someone brought up the topic and we all seemed to enjoyed it. It’s about love. Particularly, about finding the one.

Long story short, one of my colleagues, despite having a girlfriend, had a crush on someone at the office. But, he just declared that he will never look at anyone -ever again- with such adornment. When we asked him why, he answered “because last weekend I met my girlfriend and I realized how wonderful she is.” Aww. Sweet. It’s quite a surprise to hear those words came out from his mouth.

Then his answer reminded me of something I read not too long ago. Someone was asked regarding how he figured out that his wife is ‘the one’. How he finally decided the love of his life. The man aswered “it was when we went grocery shopping together that I realize she’s the one with whom I want to do grocery shopping together for the rest of my life.” Very simple.

Perhaps that is how we find the one. Through simple incident and small gesture. It’s nothing special and grand. It makes sense though. Because we are going to live with that person everyday. And our everyday life is more often a mediocre than anything extraordinary. So to be able to love the person everyday, we have to fall deeply in love with his mediocrity. No one will pick us up at the office everyday with a bouquet of flowers, no one will cook us a five star Michelin restaurant menu from Monday to Sunday, no one will wear a flawless make up for 24 hours. In finding the one… it’s not because those ‘special treatment’ we occasionally receive from the person. It is the person himself, how he lives from day to day, who he truly is. Just the way he is.

We don’t always see it at the first time we saw a person. It takes some time for some people to realize. But one day, we will realize the sparks, the light in his eyes, or the warmth of his voice, or anything of him that makes us pledge to ourselves to love him for the rest of our life.

A little bit addition, I am very happy for my colleague for having a very nice girlfriend. Since he’s with her, he has become a better person. I don’t know whether the kindness of his girlfriend affects him or what but I like how this girl brings a good influence to my fellow friend. Maybe this is also how we find the one. The one will be a person who makes us want to be a better human being. Not because he forces us nor because he encourages us, but simply because we want to be equally good as him. Without him doing anything, we’re already motivated to become the best version of ourselves.

Well, all I could say is maybe.. because I haven’t find the one. But hopefully, we soon will gravitate towards each other. Till the time comes for us to meet, then 🙂

❤️, Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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