Thoughts on Finding the One Part V

I want an exciting roller coaster ride.

I have been discussing with my fellow friend about marriage lately. We’ve agreed that it’s not a happy ending. It’s, instead, a beginning of a greater mess and an even more complicated life. It’s just the same roller coaster ride as we have right now. But, rather than being a solo rider (and being the only pilot), we will have a partner right next to us.

My life has been such a wonderful ride going up and down, along with all the twisted turns. As I have been enjoying my solo ride, I want my ‘marriage roller coaster’ to be equally exciting – or even better. I don’t want a boring carousel. Thus, I’m pretty sure that now I’m being very picky. I’m not looking for just a good resume. I want the perfect balance of him and I that makes the ride fun. I want to feel thrilled every time we both go on a new adventure (new house, new position at the office, new office, new country to visit together, etc). I want to feel enthusiastic every time we talk and discuss about things. I want to feel bored when we both have to – and then we give each other time to escape the ride for awhile before coming back with more excitement. I want to do nothing the whole Sunday and feel at peace just lying beside him.

I want an exciting roller coaster ride.

If it has to take a while, then be it. Cause I know you’re worth the wait. Yes, you are.

♥️, Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


Random Act of Kindness

Living in a big, metropolitan city, I learn a lot about being independent. Drive alone, eat out alone, even I know some people that go to the cinema on their own. I begin to think that I can do it all by myself, no need to depend on other people.

The frequency of having interaction with strangers is minimum, even though there are thousands of people in this city. One because we are told to be cautious of strangers. Two because we’re busy with our phones. Three because (related to the previous paragraph) we don’t think it’s necessary, we can live on our own. As we’re independent, we also think other people are too. We don’t need them, they don’t need us. So we don’t talk or even smile. We live our own lives, separately.

Yet my experience yesterday has taught me a different thing. I can do many things all by myself, I am independent. But it does not at all decrease the value of interacting with other people. Random act of kindness done by strangers still warms my heart. When someone shares something I don’t actually need but she shares it anyway, it fulfills my soul. Amidst the crowd of people who don’t bother, there are people who still care. We get very used to be independent and ignorant, we forget how good it feels to care for people. It’s like finding a rare gem.

My mom once said that we have to pay attention to our surroundings. Maybe someone actually needs our help. Maybe they don’t. But offering a helpful hand or asking “are you alright” or giving a quick smile, it touches someone’s heart. And we definitely don’t know how much a small act of kindness can change a life. So, let’s be a part of it?

♥️, Atiqah Zulfa Nadia