Thoughts on Finding the One Part V

I want an exciting roller coaster ride.

I have been discussing with my fellow friend about marriage lately. We’ve agreed that it’s not a happy ending. It’s, instead, a beginning of a greater mess and an even more complicated life. It’s just the same roller coaster ride as we have right now. But, rather than being a solo rider (and being the only pilot), we will have a partner right next to us.

My life has been such a wonderful ride going up and down, along with all the twisted turns. As I have been enjoying my solo ride, I want my ‘marriage roller coaster’ to be equally exciting – or even better. I don’t want a boring carousel. Thus, I’m pretty sure that now I’m being very picky. I’m not looking for just a good resume. I want the perfect balance of him and I that makes the ride fun. I want to feel thrilled every time we both go on a new adventure (new house, new position at the office, new office, new country to visit together, etc). I want to feel enthusiastic every time we talk and discuss about things. I want to feel bored when we both have to – and then we give each other time to escape the ride for awhile before coming back with more excitement. I want to do nothing the whole Sunday and feel at peace just lying beside him.

I want an exciting roller coaster ride.

If it has to take a while, then be it. Cause I know you’re worth the wait. Yes, you are.

♥️, Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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