Slow Paced Jakarta

I have been living in Jakarta for so many years now. The city has always been vibrant, packed, and fast paced. Everyday is a battle  for the citizens. Some has better fortune than the others, yet both surely are trying to make a living.

There are expats, executives, sellers, blue collars workers, housewives, and many other occupations in the city to run the economy. The weather might get worse some of the days but no one stops. From sunrise to late night, people roam around.

You can see the road is never empty except during holiday season. People will go out from Jakarta to get their mind, body, and soul refreshed. A getaway from the exhausting routine, some said. I told you the city is like a battlefield and to be out from here is to rest. To pause. To enjoy the victory.

Ah, but it’s different today. It’s different since weeks ago. The city is forced to slow down. Most people have to stay at home. The movement is limited. No large party interaction is allowed. Daily life in Jakarta has changed. I see the road today and it is so silent. It’s not like the city we used to live in.

It saddened me. As we all realize since the beginning, this policy will not benefit many. Those with daily jobs might lose their income. It will be a very hard time for them. Even harder because no one knows when this will end. On the other hand, this policy is needed to enable this situation to end sooner than later.

I wish God shows His justice to ensure those in need get the necessary donation from the government or philanthropists. I hope they live okay and healthy. I pray for the situation to get better. God please, help us all through this time, please bless us with your Rahman and Rahim. Please safe and guide us.

Living this new normal is not easy for everyone. Yet some of us live more comfortable than the others. For us with more power, take a look around, see if someone needs help and offer help. If there’s anything we can do, even the slightest thing, to help all of us recover, do it. The right time is now. We’re all in this together and we shall go hand in hand to get through this.

Jakarta might be slower today, but it’s not weak. We will recover.

❤️, Atiqah Zulfa Nadia