A Ramadan Like No Other

I tend to think a lot every time I commute from Mampang to Cibubur (I do it once every week during weekend). Perhaps because I stay inside the house for too long. Or maybe because I see a lot of people on the street. A lot of people who hold various kind of stories in this time of corona – who are currently struggling more than they have ever before.

It’s the month of Ramadan. The one that feels like no other. The one that is different for everybody all over the world. There’s no tarawih prayer in the mosque. The takjil market might still be open but obviously it won’t be as crowded as the previous years. I’tikaf will be done inside the house. No bukber or sahur on the road this time around. This is Ramadan in pandemic.

The vibe is somewhat strange. It used to be a festive season, full of joy and togetherness. To me, it was 30 magical days, which then completed by the eid day – which should be even more joyful. But this year the eid must be different too, i suppose. The pandemic is not likely to finish yet.

I really hope next year things will already be back to normal. But since we’re all here now, let’s just make the best out of it. It’s the moment with loads of opportunities to give charity because many people need it, to do silaturahim to as many people as possible virtually, to allocate money we used to spend for new clothes or home decor to the greater goods, and of to have more time on our own to reflect and get closer to The Almighty.

As we’re in a month of abundant blessings, let’s pray that the world heals, we get through this, and the new normal turns us to a better person.

Happy fasting, Ramadan mubarak!

❤️, Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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