The Mindset

I’m back to the office again after months of work from home. One thing (probably the only thing) i like more from WFO is the ability to talk with my colleagues in between meetings and during lunch. One of my colleagues had just finished her maternity leave so we often talk about motherhood. We once came to talk about the postpartum moment, where most of the hard things occured. New mom plus newborn is a chaos, without a solid support system – which I’m glad i had.

Long story short – hearing all our stories, another colleague just can’t imagine having a baby. To be exact, she’s not quite sure if she can handle all the hassles. But we kind of tell her that once God already decided to put a baby in her womb, it means she is ready – she will be ready eventually. You just don’t know where the strength came from. It just happened (well, with some preps and prayers of course).

It is that mindset that i would like to highlight. Not just when it comes to motherhood, but also when any kind of challenges, opportunities, or hardships face us. The mindset that a force greater than us is in control of whatever happens and by holding on to that force, we can go through every moments in life. Not necessarily perfect, but we survived. Gracefully, hopefully.

Amazingly, i found this case works in everyone -regardless of their religion- as long as they believe in God. Life becomes easier. The heart is at peace. Peace and calmness solves 50% burden of our problem. So it helps, a lot. In Islamic perspective, peace and calmness are reached by remembering Allah, continuosly. So that’s the mindset I’m trying to build within me. In every occasion, remember Allah, and remember He is capable of all and He is in control.

So, what’s there to be worried of?

Well it’s not that easy though. We’re human so we will still be worry about this and that. But at least 50% of it has been covered.

I hope we all find our peace of mind.

❤ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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