What’s Thicker than Water

As I was expecting Mahira, one thing I am very concerned about is how Hannah will response to the fact that she’s going to have a sibling. Sadly, knowledge regarding this is very rare. You can easily search articles and videos about how to prepare for your first-born but not for your second one. In fact, the situation is more challenging the second time around. The dynamics, the priorities are different.

So the first 2 to 3 months of adaptation was the hardest. Even I felt like reaching the dead end sometimes. The whole family need to adapt or else we all failed. Hannah was the one with more complexities as she even not in the age where she can already regulate her emotion. So I guess it was even harder for her than for me.

I sought for experts opinion and help from God (what else can I do, right?). And it turned out that the only way out is to complete the adaptation process. So the parents need to let her and help her adapt.

After quite some time, we finally grew as family. And our family rythm is back, although little by little.

Being a mother of two is not bad at all. I bet having siblings is not bad either for both Hannah and Mahira. Blood is thicker than water. They are going to have each other through everything in life, insya Allah.

When one’s heart breaks, the other’s will too. But it’s strong enough to hold the one in despair. When one is happy, the other will radiates the same energy. Just like me and my big sis, they will have an amazing journey of sisterhood. To infinity and beyond.



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