Many forms of His answers

God’s answer comes in multiple ways. If you are Moslems just like me, perhaps you’re already familiar with the 3 ways of how our du’a can be answered: now, later, or saved for something better.

As where i am now, i believe, is the answer to the prayer i made a long time ago. While it is not exactly the same as how i imagine it would be, it actually comes with many other blessings that i didn’t ask for.

So, i think, God’s answer is not limited to that often-heard 3 ways, but also that He grants our du’a in a scenario that is so beautiful. Beyond our wishes. He indeed knows best.

In making du’a, all we have to do afterwards, is to surrender. Let Allah answers in His knowledge. Then continue living – the best way possible. Fashbir shabran jamiila. Be patient, with a beautiful patience. Worship Him, make the best out of His mercy, believe that He will answer beyond our prayer.

How beautiful, it is, to have our life directed by The All Knowing, The Most Merciful… wouldn’t it be the best life ever?


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