Books I Read in 2017 (a Short Review)

Never did I take record of books that I have read in a year. I think it’s the right time now to start doing it because I read some great books and they deserve a short review. I finished 8 books in total (fail to finish another 3 or 4 because they didn’t hook me there or because I couldn’t follow what the book is saying). Here’s the list of the 9 books I read and maybe it can be your list for 2018!

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

It was my second Haruki Murakami book. I still enjoyed how the author wrote the story and most importantly, how the book contains a lot of inspiring quotes. Typical to other books written by Murakami, the story of Norwegian Wood is dark and deep. As expected, the book also bluntly describe all the occasions in the story. It tells a tale of a man who can’t let go of a woman in his past. Even though in the present there’s a very attractive woman that loves him. The book taught me (and perhaps other readers too) that we should open our heart, never cling to the past, and never take anything we have right now for granted.

Favorite quote from the book: “what a terrible thing it is to wound someone you really care for and to do it so unconsciously.” It reminds me to always be considerate, especially for people i care for.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Mason

This one I definitely recommend. The title might sound a little bit rude but the content is awesome. In life, we often give a f*ck (read: throw our mind) to things that actually don’t matter. As a result, our happiness reduced. We become easily pissed and feel exhausted all the time because we let little things bother us. The book tell us how not to give a f*ck unnecessarily. We ought to choose the thing we deliberately give a f*ck to. The book underlines that we all are going to die anyway, this life is temporary. So why spend a single time overthinking and bothering about things that have very little value in our life? I feel very positive after reading the book. I stop thinking too much about what other people say and I try to keep looking for little things that makes me happy instead of the other way around. I’m a person who get pissed quite easily but now I can regain my inner peace rather quickly.

Happy Little Soul by Retno Hening

Who does not love Kirana? A very famous toddler on Instagram who will brighten up everybody’s day. In this book, her mother shares the journey of raising Kirana until she becomes a very happy toddler. Although I am not a mother (yet), I learn quite a lot from the book. It emphasizes the importance of quality communication between parents and children. For instance, how parents should really pay full attention the their children when they are having a conversation. There are many other useful parenting tips that we can learn from the book. At first I don’t expect the book to be very enjoyable to read. It turns out that Kirana’s mother has a good writing skill. Plus, the book comes in full color.

After the Quake by Haruki Murakami

Another Haruki Murakami’s book. This time, the book consists of several short stories. All the stories take place in Japan, after (or near the time of) an earthquake. I’m honestly not a big fan of this book. There is this one story about a frog that can walk and speak like human, trying to safe the world.. and I don’t like reading fantasy (that’s why I watched, not read, Harry Potter). Unlike other Murakami books, this one does not leave me any moral message.

L’art de la Simplicité by Dominique Loreau

The initiative of tidying up or decluttering has been popular this year. There are massive books that discuss how to declutter and how it can benefits us. I did not have any intention to apply this way of living, to be honest, because I found it pretty extreme to some extent (also because I pretty much declutter my wardrobe regularly). The book is divided into several sections, from social life, wardrobe, and healthy lifestyle. I have to both agree and disagree to whatever the book is saying. For example, I completely agree that it is better to buy one expensive cardigan with fine quality in neutral color that is versatile and will last a lifetime than a cheap colorful cardigan that easily torn or will only be used once or twice. But I disagree that we have to limit how much we eat, especially dessert. So, I guess I will just take whatever suits me and leave the rest.

Crazy Rich Asian by Kevin Kwan

This one is a very fun book! Highly entertaining. It’s my type of novel, just like Shopaholic and Revenge Wears Prada. Easy to read, perfect for a laid back weekend. They will make the book into a movie as well, fyi. It tells a story about crazy rich Asian people and their jetset life, complete with all the conflicts. The plot is actually pretty common, where a very rich guy dates a girl from middle class family. But the conflicts around the main plot is very interesting. I’m currently reading the second book of the trilogy and I’m all excited.

Revive Your Heart by Nouman Ali Khan

Nouman Ali Khan is very popular nowadays and we can listen to his lecture on Youtube. The content of this book is not much different from the content in some of his videos on Youtube. In fact, reading the book feels like listening to his lecture. The way they build the sentence is as if it is a transcript or subtitle from the video (maybe indeed it is). But I don’t really mind that. The topics inside the book are very relatable to our daily life and I think the book is a good reminder for us all. Every time we feel down, we can reopen the book and choose one topic to read. Some people asked me where to buy the book. I’m not quite sure where to get it in Indonesia, as I got it overseas. I hope they import the book soon.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

A very touching book that made me so emotional almost in every page. It is a story about a doctor who is diagnosed with cancer. He has to survive for as long as he could and he also need to rebuild his life and wisely choose how he’s going to spend the rest of the time that he has left in his life. I couldn’t hold my tears when I read the epilogue written by the doctor’s wife. I can’t remember any quote from the book but this has changed the way I see life and death.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg attempts to encourage all women to be in a significant position in their career. This book is about feminism, a very positive feminism. It’s not about woman reaching out a tremendous career and neglect all other responsibilities. It’s about how woman can have both career and life, to some extent. There’s a balance between the two, not perfect but manageable. What I like the most about this book is that the author does not think that one woman is better than the other (e.g career woman better than housewife or vice versa). The most important thing I learn from the book is to respect each woman’s choice and celebrate it. Woman, regardless of their choice, has to be beneficial for her surroundings and for the society. Either by having a good career, volunteering, or fully committed to raising brilliant children. To be able to balance their life, women need good life partner whose willing to co-work inside the house and equally take responsibility in parenting and household activities. The book is very encouraging and it’s not in the extreme side. It’s a must read (for both woman and man!).

So that’s my list for 2017. I don’t have a list yet for 2018 but surely there will be plenty of good and inspiring books to read 🙂

❤️ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


Money Tips

Hemat pangkal kaya.

Sejak kecil kita semua diajarkan pribahasa tersebut. Pada kenyataannya, berhemat bukan hal yang mudah. Mengelola uang bukan hal yang mudah. Kita selalu punya keinginan untuk membeli sesuatu, pergi jalan-jalan, mencoba tempat makan baru, dan lain-lain. Bukan rahasia lagi bahwa semakin banyak uang yang kita miliki, semakin beragam pula kebutuhan kita.

Setelah akhirnya berhasil mandiri mengelola uang selama kuliah di Manchester (read it here!), aku belajar cukup banyak tentang uang. Sebagian lagi aku belajar dari orang tuaku. These may not be as good as the tips told by a famous financial planner, but I hope it benefits you anyhow 🙂

Divide your money into several pockets

Not literally, though. Punya uang yang terbatas pastinya harus dikelola sebaik mungkin. Ada porsi untuk jajan sehari-hari, belanja, uang transport, uang hangout sama teman-teman, zakat, dan lain-lain. Once you got your monthly (or maybe weekly) allowance, divide it immediately. Sebisa mungkin, disiplin dengan porsi yang udah ditentukan di awal. Kalau jatah hangout adalah Rp 500,000 per bulan, ya hangout sesuai budget itu. Kalau udah melebih budget, ambil dari jatah expense lainnya (jangan dari jatah nabung atau investasi ya!)

Note your expenses

Aku mulai membiasakan diri mencatat pengeluaran sejak di Manchester. Keuntungannya adalah jadi lebih bisa mengontrol uang yang kita punya. Mengontrol uang di Manchester jauh lebih mudah sih, karena aku jarang jajan hal-hal kecil kayak cilok, gorengan, dan lain-lain. Jadi item yang dicatat pun ngga banyak (even a cup of coffee aku catat lho dulu). It’s a challenge to note every expense I made in here. Yet I think I have to try harder.

Nikmati uang yang dimiliki

Uang ngga dibawa mati, ya kan? Jadi, jangan pelit-pelit. True kita harus hemat, tapi bukan berarti pelit. Pada akhirnya uang yang kita terima dari hasil bekerja, harus bisa kita nikmati. Treat yourself a delicious meal, buy yourself a decent pair of shoes, etc. Ini bisa dilakukan setelah membagi uang ke porsinya masing-masing ya.

Berbagi dan membuat orang lain senang

Zakat tentunya wajib hukumnya. Dari setiap harta yang kita miliki, ada hak orang lain. Selain zakat, coba juga untuk bersedekah. Berbagi dengan orang lain yang membutuhkan. Ngga harus selalu memberi dalam bentuk uang, bisa juga dengan membelikan makanan dan kado. Selain ke orang-orang yang kurang mampu, bisa juga untuk memberikan perhatian ke orang-orang yang kita sayangi. Happiness only real when shared, remember?

Lend your money wisely

Pernah ngga sih ragu minjemin uang ke orang lain karena takut ngga dibalikin? Atau bingung setengah mati gimana caranya nagih hutang ke orang lain? Nah ibuku pernah bilang “kalau minjemin uang ke orang lain, kasih berapa pun yang sekiranya kamu ikhlas kalau-kalau dia ngga balikin uangnya.” Dan aku selalu terapin itu setiap ada yang pinjem uang. Jadi di awal udah ikhlas kalau ngga balik uangnya. Yet, we have to be brave enough to ask our money back sih kadang-kadang.

Carry less cash

Waktu di Manchester, aku pernah kedatangan guest lecture dari MasterCard. Beliau ini mengajarkan bagaimana bermanfaatnya uang elektronik. Di Manchester pun aku biasanya cuma punya uang cash £5 untuk naik bus. Sisanya semua transaksi dilakukan dengan kartu debit. Yang aku rasain banget sih dompet jadi lebih enteng dan belanja jadi lebih terkontrol. Sisa uang tuh biasanya bikin kita spend lebih banyak untuk hal-hal yang ngga terlalu kita butuhkan. Sayangnya di Indonesia belum selalu bisa bayar pakai kartu ya..

The more isn’t always the merrier

Punya uang banyak pasti menyenangkan. Tapi ternyata ngga juga, well, at least that’s what one of the richest people in England said. Katanya at some point, money is an evil. Jadi ternyata the more isn’t always the merrier. Makanya it’s very wise kalau kita ngga mengejar banyaknya uang yang kita dapat. Yang harusnya kita kejar adalah berkah dari berapapun uang yang kita punya.

So, that’s it guys. Tujuh hal tentang uang yang akhirnya aku pelajari setelah 23 tahun hidup di dunia 😀 I hope you find it helpful and beneficial.


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia

Alternative YouTube Channels to Watch

YouTube is basically our television now. Ever since I live in a flat with no television, YouTube has become the source of entertainment. Not only because several television channels also put the recordings of their show on YouTube but also because there are many interesting channels made by the so-called YouTubers or vloggers.

I chose watching YouTube because the videos are mostly short, around 20-30 minutes at maximum. So, when I get bored in the middle of my work (essays and now dissertation), I can watch a video for a while and then get back to my work. I can play it on my laptop or my phone. No hassle, no pop up ads, very convenient.

Lately, since the phenomenal Indonesian teenager’s lengthy confession video (I almost watch every single video of her), I have been suggested to watch many other vlogs from Indonesia. Out of curiosity, I watched some of them. Some are okay, some are boring, some are great. One thing I notice, most of them do not add value to our life and they have the same content. The Q&A session, the TMI tag, the room tour. They are basically the same and they do not enrich our knowledge. One thing I know more from watching those videos is about their life.

So, I decided that from now on I should watch more worthy videos on YouTube. I might still watch the daily vlogger’s videos but not as much as before. Guess what? There are also plenty of good channels on YouTube which will make us smarter. This way, I won’t feel like wasting my time on YouTube.

Here are 5 worthy YouTube channel we all should watch more (disclaimer: this list is based on my interests, so you might like it and you might not):


I found this channel just now. But this channel is great, especially for those who love traveling and learning about cultures. Basically, it’s a documentary channel. It brings up a rare yet interesting issue, like living goddess, bride market, and feminist cult. The videos are well created, it’s just like watching NatGeo Adventure. Love it!

Everyday Food

Perhaps most of you have known that I’m very passionate at cooking. So, cooking channel is obviously one of my favorite channels on YouTube. This channel has plenty of videos, from recipes, tips, and how-to videos. What I love the most is the Kitchen Conundrums videos. Not only because the host is attractive but also because failure is inevitable in my journey of cooking. Kitchen Conundrums tells me why my brownies is not fudgy enough or how to make the perfect caramel. It’s really easy to understand and very fun to watch.

Michelle Phan

She’s my first beauty guru. I started watching YouTube because of here make-up channel. She’s also my idol because now she’s an entrepreneur too. Michelle has a lot of creative looks on her channel. Now she also creates DIY videos, travel videos, and non-beauty tips videos. Yet, her main content is still about beauty. I basically like the way she talks and how she explains the step-by-step in her tutorial videos. Plus, she’s really creative in video editing. It’s a whole new experience.


Yeah I know, probably most of you have known TED and you have acknowledged how good this channel is. The content is very diverse, we can choose a topic that we’re interested in. Most, if not all, of the videos are motivating and inspiring. TED is just so popular, it even came to my uni in Manchester to give a live talk several times. Just check this channel out if you haven’t!


Again, this is a culinary-related channel. But it’s not too specific on cooking. The channel is taking us on a trip to taste food from all over the world. It also has several how-to videos. But if you’re not that keen on cooking, you will have other stuffs to enjoy. This channel will make you droll.

Those are five excellent YouTube channels that I recommend.

But, I know we need fun too. So, here’s several fun channels to watch:

Fung Bros

It’s a YouTube channel by Andrew and David, Asians who live in the USA. They make videos about plenty of things. From NBA, street style, to food. My favorite is the one about food. It really makes me droll. They’re funny and their videos are very fun to watch. Sometimes they got some useful tips as well.

This is an Indonesian channel. They’re pretty informative too, to be honest. The way they discuss something is different, funny, and unique. Sometimes in a sarcastic way but they wrap it in such way it becomes funny. The interesting part is that although I know it’s stupid (what they try to deliver on their videos), I can pretty much relate it to the real life.

Yuka Kinoshita

You just won’t believe if this skinny Japanese girl eats a hell lot of food at once. Mukbang is a trending video nowadays (check out how Munchies cover this topic on it’s channel). It’s basically a self-video of eating food. Yes, the whole video you’re going to watch someone eating her/his food until it’s finished. There are many people making Mukbang but what I personally like about Yuka is because she eats A LOT. For example, six packs of Indomie goreng at once. Or 20 portions of doner kebab. Or 4kg of curry. Yet she stays skinny. Wonder why?


That’s in total 8 YouTube channels that I can recommend you. (Well, not to mention that I quite often watch Jovi Hunter’s, Chase Aime’s, Andra Alodita’s and Han Yoo Ra’s channel too..). I hope you now have some better options on YouTube. Remember guys, if we have to waste our time, we need to waste it wisely.


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia

Cha-Ology, Northern Quarter

In spite of the popularity of English afternoon tea, sebenernya ngeteh itu bagian dari budaya banyak negara. My Chinese friends here always drink green tea everyday, yang katanya bikin langsing. Saking mereka promote khasiat-khasiat teh hijau lainnya (salah satunya untuk detox, kalau diminum setiap pagi hari sebelum mengkonsumsi apa-apa), aku ikutan beli teh hijau juga beberapa bulan yang lalu *impulsif*.

I have tried English afternoon tea before dan kali ini aku dan temen-temenku nyobain Japanese tea place di Northern Quarter, Manchester. Kayaknya sih tempat ini terhitung baru (atau aku yang baru tau?). Waktu masuk, tempatnya minimalis banget. Ada open kitchen lengkap dengan bar-nya, 3 meja lesehan untuk ngeteh, dan kamar mandi. Ambience-nya sengaja dibuat relaxing banget dengan lagu ala-ala meditasi. Aku dan temen-temen sampe bisik-bisik ngobrolnya.

Semua menu di tea place ini berbahan green tea. Menunya ngga banyak tapi menarik semua. Makanannya aku dan temen-temen pesen 3 menu untuk sharing: matcha tart, matcha soft cake, dan matcha dessert. Untuk minumnya aku pesen cold matcha with soy milk. What makes it more interesting adalah pelayannya akan meracik tehnya di meja kita. Ternyata ada pakemnya sendiri loh untuk ngeracik teh and it takes quite a long time to make a bowl of tea, sekitar satu setengah menit (makanya videonya ngga bisa aku share di Instagram hehe). Lumayan bikin geregetan nungguinnya, tapi demi merasakan the authentic Japanese tea, aku harus bersabar.


Matcha soy milk ini dibuat dari campuran bubuk matcha dan susu kedelai (ya iyalah?). Jadi bubuk matcha-nya dituang ke dalam susu kedelai cair, kemudian diaduk-aduk menggunakan alat yang bentuknya mirip sapu lidi kecil. Setelah tercampur, baru dituang ke mangkok. Rasanya jelas beda dari green tea blend di Starbucks atau di Chatime, terutama karena matcha soy milk yang ini rasanya ngga manis. Perhaps that’s how it should be. It tasted okay for me, tho i prefer the sweet one.

But, the tart, the cake, and the dessert win my heart completely. Aku mulai dari soft cake-nya ya. Teksturnya mirip bolu gulung dengan cream matcha di tengahnya. Awalnya terasa agak pahit karena di atasnya ditabur bubuk matcha. Tapi cream dan cake-nya sendiri manis. This one is my favorite. Matcha tart-nya juga enak banget. Pie crust-nya ngga terlalu keras dan filling-nya juga moist tapi ngga benyek (I hope you understand what I mean). Yang terakhir, matcha dessert-nya sebetulnya agak mainstream sih. Di dessert place semacam Sumobo gitu pasti ada juga. Isinya matcha ice cream, red beans, dan dango. Di piring terpisah disediakan crushed peanut juga untuk ditabur di atasnya. Overall, it’s delicious!

Harganya lumayan pricey ya. Especially for the tea, meskipun aku jadi tau cara meracik teh ala Jepang. Semangkuk tehnya seharga £4.8 dan untuk makanannya pun sekitar segitu per portion. I basically lost the receipt so I can’t tell you the exact price. Pokoknya satu orang untuk one drink and one cake masih di bawah £10.

Don’t forget to exercise your feet, karena bakal kesemutan banget duduk dengan gaya seiza selama di sana 😀


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


Rainchester is back! Kali ini hujannya lebih deras dari biasanya. But I’m glad karena sejuk. Then my friends and I went to a small cafe to have some sweet treats. Kami memilih Cha Kee Hong Kong Style Cafe di daerah Chinatown-nya Manchester. Sebenernya udah lama sih pengen nyobain makan egg waffle di sini, tapi baru kesampean sekarang.


Menu favorit di cafe ini adalah egg puff yang disajikan dengan eskrim. Selain egg puff, ada waffle dan sandwich juga. Jadi, egg waffle ini emang populer banget di Hong Kong. Yang uniknya, egg waffle dan egg puff-nya disajikan agak sedikit digulung kayak bentuk cone, unlike ordinary waffle yang disajikan di piring datar. I ordered egg puff with matcha ice cream and milk tea with coffee. Buatku rasanya oke aja, i like the milk tea though. It has the taste of a coffee but not too strong. Just the way I like it. Egg puff-nya crispy, bisa dipotek lalu dicocol dengan eskrimnya.


Cafe-nya kecil, pelayannya pun cuma ada satu waktu aku dan teman-teman datang kesana. Menunya juga sederhana dan ngga banyak. Tipikal cafe kecil yang menawarkan sesuatu yang unik. Remind me of cafe-cafe lucu di Jakarta, kayak Sumobo dan sejenisnya. I like how simple the cafe is. Bikin terinspirasi hehe. In terms of value of money, menurutku worth it dan affordable kok. Seporsi egg puff-nya £4.30 dan minumannya £2.95.

If you happen to be in Manchester dan mau nyobain, letaknya ada di sebelah Red Chilly. Tepat di pinggir jalan Portland Street. Just take any bus to city center and you’ll reach there. Kalau hari Sabtu bukanya baru jam 1 siang (lupa sampai jam berapa hehe).

Enjoy your weekend!


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia

DapurFlat9A: Proccoli

Hi there! I’m back with my recipe 😀

Kali ini resepnya terinspirasi dari teman flatku yang vegan. Here’s a hint, vegetarian dan vegan itu ternyata beda. Vegetarian masih mengkonsumsi telur dan dairy products sedangkan vegan sama sekali ngga mengkonsumsi apapun yang mengandung hewan. She’s an Indian, btw. Being vegan is so normal there. Meskipun masakan dia isinya sayur semua, wanginya tempting banget dan bikin appetite naik. Salah satunya resep yang ini.


Aku asal aja sih, namainnya Proccoli yang merupakan singkatan dari potato and broccoli. Cara masaknya gampang dan terhitung cepat. This is actually good for the upcoming Ramadhan month, soalnya kenyangnya tahan lama. Kalau kamu suka pedas, bisa juga ditambah chilly powder. It’s such a good meal, ada karbohidrat, vitamin, dan protein dalam satu piring. Minyaknya juga ngga perlu banyak-banyak karena cuma untuk menumis. Tips supaya ngga banyak minyak, you can always put the nuggets into the oven. I often do this, selain untuk ngurangin minyak, juga biar ngga usah cuci wajan hehehe.

Do give it a try, I hope you like it 🙂


♥  Atiqah Zulfa Nadia

Group Call

Happy long weekend! Pagi ini aku excited karena waktu di UK kembali setting-annya ke GMT+1 because spring is here and summer is coming!! Anak tropis seperti aku pasti rindu udara hangat, baju berwarna cerah, dan terik matahari (humm yang ini agak diragukan sering muncul di Rainchester sih)..

Subuh-subuh aku dan teman-teman pun udah ngobrol bareng melalui satu fitur baru dari aplikasi Line, yaitu Line Group Call. Sebetulnya fitur ini udah rilis dari sekitar sebulanan yang lalu dan aku yakin pasti banyak dari kalian yang udah pernah nyobain. I honestly think this feature is awesome! Seru banget bisa ngobrol dengan banyak orang sekaligus di telepon. If your phone reception is good, then you won’t find any trouble at all using this free call service.


Semakin lama, tingkat mobility orang-orang makin bertambah dan kolaborasi semakin penting. Jadi, segala bentuk fasilitas untuk berkolaborasi tanpa harus meet-up face to face sangat membantu kebutuhan people of the 2016 onward. Selain Line, ada banyak platform yang membantu kegiatan kolaborasi, contoh populernya adalah googledocs. Kalau kamu tech savvy, pasti tau juga aplikasi Evernote, Asana, dan Slack yang juga enabling people from many different places to collaborate together.

Overall, yang membuat Skype, Line, WhatsApp, dan aplikasi komunikasi lainnya menjadi populer adalah the basic needs of human untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang lain. Terutama dengan mereka yang tinggal jauh. Di lain sisi, social media menjadi sebuah kontroversi. Katanya, ‘mendekatkan yang jauh tapi menjauhkan yang dekat’. Tapi menurutku harus dilihat case by case, could be only partly true. Yang jelas, sebagai mahluk sosial, silaturahim itu penting, baik face to face maupun via teknologi.

Selamat bergerumul bersama orang-orang tersayang!


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia

Afternoon Tea

Salah satu must-do activities di UK yang ngga boleh terlewatkan adalah ngeteh cantik. Penambahan kata ‘cantik’ setelah verb biasanya menandakan kalau aktivitas tersebut chic, instagram-able, path-able, dan biasanya dilakukan di tempat yang ambience-nya lucu dan unik bersama dengan sahabat-sahabat atau yang sekarang sedang trend disebut #squad. Jadi, kamera dengan high resolution adalah item yang wajib dibawa.

Untuk orang lokal sendiri, afternoon tea adalah hal biasa selayaknya kira orang Indonesia makan di Pizza Hut. Yang membuat afternoon tea menarik untuk para turis dan aku (yang udah ngga cocok lagi disebut turis) adalah karena afternoon tea merupakan budaya orang Inggris and it’s just fun to learn the culture of other countries. Salah satu kebiasaan minum teh di Inggris adalah mencampurkan susu ke dalam teh, tea with milk. Entah kenapa itu terdengar aneh bagi beberapa orang. Kalau aku dari dulu udah terbiasa minum teh dicampur susu (condensed milk, kalau di sini susunya skimmed atau semi skimmed milk biasa). Waktu dulu aku ngekos di Depok, pagi-pagi sering sarapan di warkop dengan menu teh susu dan indomie rebus pakai telor dan rawit. Well, this isn’t worth a comparison 😀 intinya, I don’t find tea with milk is weird. I like it.

Satu paket afternoon tea harganya luar biasa mengejutkan. Dari sekitar £7 sampai lebih dari £20, apalagi yang paket ala ratu. Standarnya, teh disajikan bersamaan dengan scones dan sandwich. Kalau paket yang lengkap, tea pot disajikan bersama dengan 2-3 tier cake stand berisi macam-macam snack bites (scones, cake, sandwich, dan lain-lain).

Di Manchester ada banyak tempat ngeteh cantik dan beberapa di antaranya harus book in advance. Aku pernah ngeteh di Richmond Tearooms, lokasinya di Manchaster Gay Village karena kebetulan owner dari tearoom ini adalah pasangan gay. Tempatnya lucu, didesain seperti movie set-nya Alice in Wonderland. Such a combination of quirk and cuteness. Berhubung aku mahasiswa berprinsip hidup hemat, aku ngga pesan paket, melainkan single pot camomile tea dan victoria sponge cake yang dimakan berdua dengan temanku. I don’t quite understand perbedaan teh Inggris dengan teh lainnya karena buatku, teh prenjak dan sariwangi melati udah paling enak sedunia 😀 kalau cake-nya, menurutku sih cake di Inggris emang juara. enaaak, they’re good at making sweet stuffs.

Ngeteh cantik sambil menikmati hujan gerimisnya Manchester, is definitely an experience that is sooo British 🙂 and here are some snaps just for you.


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia

DapurFlat9A : Capcay

As promised, dalam minggu ini aku akan publish resep pertamaku dan inilah dia post yang akan berisi resep pertama dari masakan-masakan yang aku buat selama tinggal di Manchester as a student. Semua resepnya dijamin praktis (aku selalu mencoba meminimalisir waktuku di dapur dengan cara membuat satu dish yang langsung komplit ada lauk dan sayurnya tanpa harus dimasak terpisah) dan gampang.

Anyway, aku mau cerita sedikit kenapa judulnya adalah DapurFlat9A. Well, it should be obvious though. Aku tinggal di flat 9, di kamar A. Dari flat itulah semua resep ini berasal. Beberapa di antara menunya udah pernah aku buat di Indonesia, tapi akan banyak menu hasil kreativitas ala mahasiswa rantau. Alhamdulillah rasanya sih selalu enak 😀

I won’t talk much. Here’s the first recipe!

capcay recipe

Aku biasa makan capcay dengan nasi dan prawn crackers, tapi aku pernah juga makan dengan bihun atau mie dan ternyata cocok juga. Menurutku, capcay itu makanan yang penuh gizi dan bikin kenyang lebih lama (mungkin karena sayurnya banyak dan beragam).

Selain udang dan tofu, bisa juga menggunakan bakso, sosis, atau ayam. Sayurannya pun bisa ditambah jagung dan tomat. Mix them as you wish, pokoknya. Lama memasaknya kira-kira satu jam, karena butuh waktu yang cukup lama supaya sayurannya empuk (aku prefer sayuran yang betul-betul empuk dibanding yang masih crunchy).

That’s all. I hope you find it easy dan selamat mencoba!


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia

New Content is Coming!

I’m so excited! 😀

Sekarang aku sedang mempersiapkan content terbaru di blog ini, it was a serendipity waktu tiba-tiba ide ini muncul. Intinya aku mau mengeksploitasi dua hobiku, yaitu masak dan desain grafis. I’m definitely not an expert in both, but i’m so passionate about it. Konten ini sebetulnya akan jadi satu hal yang akan keep me busy dan jadi escape plan-ku ketika jenuh ngerjain tugas dan disertasi. Semoga bisa bermanfaat untuk yang membacanya juga.

So, what is it about?

Basically, aku membuat galeri resep-resep masakan yang aku buat selama aku di Manchester. Kenapa harus selama di Manchester? Karena menunya praktis dan gampang untuk dipraktekin oleh siapa aja.

I will definitely try to post at least twice a month, depend on how much workload i have in the particular month. Resep pertama akan aku publish dalam minggu ini.

Nantikan segera yaaa


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia