A very honest post

It gets lonely sometimes.. when the day ends; I get home, crawl into bed and hide under the blanket.

It’s amazing how being busy can make us ignore disturbing thoughts. Yet every night, there’s a solitary moment we all have to go through.

Having nothing to take care of, all the brain can think is about the matters we have been neglecting all day long. It goes round and round until I get so tired and finally sleep. And that seconds before I close my eyes, is the time where I feel lonely.

I wish there’s someone I could rest my mind to.

Since there’s none, for now, this solitude should be enough. Myself, should be enough. Keeping everything that pops and wanders on my mind to myself has to be enough. Having myself is enough.

When the loneliness tries to break in, I know it’s time to sleep.


The Lonely Rhino

The last male northern white rhino has died. The species will soon be extinct. What is more saddening is that his daughter and granddaughter will never meet the love of their lives. How sad it is to live alone… knowing that there will be no friends, no one to share anything with.

I don’t want to be that rhino. I don’t want to feel lonely.