Innsbruck, Austria

It might be not too popular in our generation but to me the movie of The Sound of Music is one of the best movie ever. Julie Andrews took part as the main actress in this musical movie. If you haven’t watch it, i highly recommend you to watch it (though now it might be quite hard to find a store that sell the DVD). The story of the movie took place in Austria, i don’t know which city. In 2013 i got the chance to visit Austria, to the city of Innsbruck.

The city is surrounded by hills and mountains. It’s green, it’s windy, and it’s quite cold. It’s not a metropolitan city and you won’t see many skyscraper. The environment is just perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful life that God has given to us. Oh, and the buildings. The buildings are beautiful. The architecture is amazing.


One of many things that people should know about Austria is that it’s a home for the famous crystal in the world: Swarovski. Innsbruck not only offers a beautiful scenery, but also an entertaining traditional dance. I watched the dance at night. The dancers wear a traditional clothes of Austria. The dance is quite similar to tap dance, you can hear the rhythm of the shoe. The dancers also clap their hands, turn around, and sing. Most of the songs contain this kind of sound ‘lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo’, they sang it with a shrilly voice. I think the reason why the people shrill is because in the old times, they live in a huge village, where the distance between one house to another is quite far. Therefore, if they want to call someone, they have to shrill. But they have a beautiful voice, so it’s okay to hear them shrilling everyday, to be honest. It’s totally different from the crazy-random-screaming drunk people do.

The performers have their own special way to satisfy the audiences. When we enter the restaurant (where the performance is held), we are asked about where we are coming from. It’s a normal question, i thought, because there were so many tourists watching. But the performers actually prepared something for us, the tourists. At the end of the performance, they sang the national song from each of the audience’s home country: Israel, America, Japan, and so on. For Indonesia, they sang ‘Halo Halo Bandung’. They knew the song, i was amazed! I sang along with them and i love the performance so much! Don’t miss out this performance if you visit Innsbruck one day, promise me 🙂

♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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