Non-transactional Person

Do as you wish to be done by others.

Sounds familiar, right? We are always told to be kind and polite to other people in order to get the same thing.

But, we all need to fully understand that people does not necessarily be polite and kind to you in return. I’m telling the truth because the main point of ‘do as you wish to be done by others’ is not about what we will gain in return; it’s about how we are, what we do, what we give. So, when we’re being nice to others, we should not expect anything.

Sometimes when we smile, people don’t smile back. When we lend something, people won’t lend us anything when we need it. And so on. But it doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter at all. You don’t stop the ‘do as you wish to be done by others’ thingy after getting none from other people. Because the advice is about us, it does not relate to other people.

Being kind, respectful, friendly, and polite is our business with God. What they do to us in return is their business with God. All that important is God knows what we’ve been doing and people being nice to us in return is a bonus.

Let’s be a non-transactional person, shall we?


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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