Time Machine

Blog is like a time machine. We can look back to what we’ve written in the past anytime we want. Depends on what we write, we can travel back to the old times. I used to write many random stuffs on my blog, from what I learn at school, what I do in the weekend, until how I feel at the moment. The latter is actually not recommended, we need to be mindful about the feeling we’re about to tell the world through our blog; filter what should be a private consumption and what can be published to the public. I’ve seen some people who talked too much about their personal life publicly. Unless you’re a celebrity, that’s not really what people want to read.

I started blogging in 2011, by now I already posted more than 250 articles (both in plainlittletico.blogspot.com and littlethinkersmind.wordpress.com). I’ve never thought I can be this committed to this activity. I know I’m keen on writing. My interest in writing has been living within me since I was in primary school. I remember during that time, I wrote two stories on my computer (the titles are “Akibat Jajan Sembarangan” and “Ayahku Seorang ABRI”)*. Microsoft word was an interesting stuff back then, I put some clip arts in between the paragraphs. By the way, I still have the printed version of them! I even wrote poetries, can you imagine that?

I keep most of my notebooks (I’m crazy about notebooks, I can’t stop buying them) because they got all my handwritten works and now I need more shelf to store them. I sometimes feel embarrassed when I re-read the stories that I wrote because it’s just too cheesy. But I keep them anyway because it’s part of my journey of becoming a blogger.

Here I am now, with my baby: atiqahzulfanadia.com and I can’t get more excited than this! Having been doing this for 4 years assured me that I need to get my own domain. Sure I will have to pay for this matter on a yearly basis but maybe I can also make money out of my blog or maybe this is the perfect media for me to be useful for others. So yes, I have to wear my own identity.

I will post some previous articles from my old blog, but I’m going to re-wrap them in a brand new packaging. I’m happy to be my own editor. And you will definitely see more new articles as my life keeps on moving forward.

Thank you Allah for blessing me with this wonderful gift and I’m grateful for having you as my readers. I hope you enjoy it and never get bored of it, dear fellows.


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia

* Effect of Snacking Carelessly, My Dad is a Soldier


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