Thinking Tuesday

I have done quite a lot of thinking lately. Not that I want to look back to and mourn the past, but some of my thoughts are about my past and how it has changed so far. In the middle of our journey, sometimes we face some challenges that lead us to make a sudden change of direction. I’m not talking about failure, it’s more like opportunities that we did not take and opportunities that haven’t come to us just yet.

When i was in high school I joined a traditional dance club. I went to practice every once a week and although i thought my dance move was okay, I never was selected to join a performance or a competition (there were like 30 of us in the club but a performance only need less than 20 dancers). So, I know almost all the moves but I dance only for myself, after all this time. And now, finally, i have my chance to perform in a stage in front of many people (hopefully there will be many). Exactly the same dance that i learned before. I waited (well, not necessarily waiting..but you know what I mean) for more than 6 years until the opportunity comes to me. I never thought going to Manchester will bring this opportunity to me.

During the last semester of my undergraduate study, i was very attracted to work in a consulting company. It makes you look smart and awesome, at least that’s my impression about them. However, as time went by, after graduating from the university I only applied for a job in one consulting company. That was all. I just didn’t feel like i want to even though there were some vacancies posted. I went through all the selection processes and was offered a contract position which to me sounds more like a freelancer. When they need me, they will contact me. I didn’t take it. It was a gamble while what I need at that moment was a permanent job. Guess what life has kept hidden for me all this time? I took a module called Business Creation and Development this semester. This module requires me to work in a group and we have to be the consultant for a startup company in the UK. Finally, an opportunity for me to be a consultant! And it’s abroad! Now I can feel what it’s like to be that smart and awesome people without being too much under pressure (I’m not getting paid but money always matters later).

You know the popular quote “everything will happen at the right time”? I have no option but to agree. After working so hard, I know it’s not easy to accept what’s being said in that quote. Disappointment will win over all the stuffs that wise man would say. But life is full of surprises and God’s plan will melt your heart because it’s just way too beautiful.



♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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