Motivational Monday

I met a lot of inspiring people throughout my life. I’m so lucky to have most of them in my inner circle. Having interacting with them, I got motivated: to do what I’m passionate about and to live a meaningful life.

I don’t want to keep the motivation for myself. Therefore i share it to you.

I’m a procrastinator, especially when it comes to starting my own business. I shared my doubt to one of my friend in the uni, she has her own shoe brand in her home country, and she said that I will never be a hundred percent ready. I just have to do it.

Then my next question is, what if I fail. I’m not scared of failure, but what if I fail and then I give up? My other friend, he is a Spanish guy who has a platform that connects people who got an idea with the resources that they might need, asked me back. “What is failure to you?” And I answered “Well, not having any customer. No one wants to buy my products.” He replied, “That’s not a failure for me. That’s an opportunity to find out what people want, what kind of product they will buy. To me, failure is when you stop.”

Now I kind of start building my business. Not that I sell it now, I’m making the concept and all the predecessor tasks. For instance, research of how I can legally get a permission to start a business, how the product will look like, and the revenue streams.

I won’t be able to sell it until September this year, when I finally go back to where i belong (home). But it’s only around 6 months to go. Time’s running out and I need to make a move. While I’m here and surrounded by these inspiring people who will (hopefully) help me design my ‘baby’, I have to start.

30 years vision, 6 months plan. Determine where you want to go and make a short term plan to reach the destination. We might have to turn a bit left or right after 6 months (depend on how it goes) but the road will still take us to the destination.


♥ Atiqah Zulfa Nadia


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